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Salmon Pesto Eggs Benedict

Weekend brunch with friends we think of a few dishes, but one that ALWAYS comes to mind and never fails is Eggs Benedict. Unfortunately all the butter in hollandaise sauce & the fats from the Canadian bacon can make the known dish derail you from your health and fitness goals... So you know what we're all about! Taking foods you love and crave and making them work for your taste buds, time schedule, cooking abilities & fitness goals! This is jam packed with flavor!

Compared to Mimi's Cafe Eggs Benedict:

Calories: 808

Carbs: 36g

Fat: 56g

Protein: 46g

ASAP Version:

Calories: 557

Carbs: 32g

Fat: 33g

Protein: 39g

What you need (1 Serving):

-1 Multi Grain Light 100 Calorie English Muffin

-0.1 Cup Pesto (I used Classico)

-2oz Salmon Lox

-1 Cup Spinach

-4 Whole Eggs (Can substitute for egg whites to bring the fat down even more)

What to do: (Shouldn't take you any longer than 15 minutes tops!)

  1. Make your eggs - most eggs benedict requires poached eggs, however I am a huge fan of over medium. Who doesn't like the yolk running down their plate?!

  2. Toast your English Muffin

  3. Sautee your spinach (use spray Pam to not soak the spinach in oil).

  4. Put it all together in this order: English Muffin, spinach, 1oz salmon per side, 2 eggs per side, a dollop of pesto (It's robust! Trust you don't need much!) & Voila! Bon appetite!!

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