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Pineapple Protein Fried Rice

I know summer is over, but we live in California so it doesn’t have to be ☀️Before we go to making anything & everything pumpkin spice (trust me I’m excited about that too) try this recipe out -it won’t disappoint😙

Calories: 430

Carbs: 38g

Fat: 8g

Protein: 46g

What you’ll need (1 serving, double the recipe for more)

-90g Basmati Rice (Can use Jasmine as well)

-2 tps Coconut Aminos

-1/2 Cup Mixed Bell Peppers & Onions (I just buy the pre-chopped one)

-1 Whole Pineapple (I used 1/4 Cup Pineapple Chunks for the mixture)

-3oz Shrimp

-1 Whole Egg

-4oz Chicken Breast

-1 tsp Sesame Seeds

-Garlic & Onion Mrs Dash Seasoning

What do to:

1. Cut Chicken breasts into small pieces & pan cook through with seasoning. On a separate pan, fully cook the shrimp until it is completely pink

2. Make your rice, you can do this in a rice cooker, pot on the oven or if you like the convenience like us, we microwave Uncle Ben’s often honestly 🤷‍♀️ no shame here

3. Cut the pineapple & hollow out the inside

4. Add the rice, chicken & shrimp to 1 large sauce pan. Stir in cut up vegetables, pineapple chunks from the hollowed pineapple, egg, & coconut aminos & slightly pour juice from the pineapple over it. Cook and stir thoroughly until egg is cooked

5. Fill the hollowed pineapple with rice, add sesame seeds & pretend like you’re on an island getaway 🌴 Perfect for entertaining guests! Enjoy!

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